A collection of songs by

Dennis & Georgia Clifton

Before the Throne of God

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Come holy ones into this place,
to know the power of His grace,
And offer up your hearts in praise
before the throne of God.

    Rejoice and lift your voices now.
    Let all within His presence bow.
    Receive what Heaven will allow, 
    Before the throne of God. 

In times of sorrow, times of fear,
His Spirit moves to draw us near,
And speaks to those with ears to hear,
before the throne of God. 


Into His presence we may come
and offer up our hearts in song.
In righteousness we all are one,
before the throne of God. 


The gates of hell can ne’er withstand
the Spirit of the Lord in man.
In Jesus’ name we come again
before the throne of God. 


His promises to us are clear;
when we are gathered, He is here.
Let all who hunger now draw near,
before the throne of God. 


Copyright © 2006 Stoneshadows/BMI   w/m Dennis and Georgia Clifton  CCLI # 5093454


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