A collection of songs by

Dennis & Georgia Clifton

Have a Little Faith
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There are times in life when it’s cold outside,
And the skies are cloudy and gray.
When you’re all alone, and your friends are gone,
And the rain just won’t go away. 

     Have a little faith whenever you’re lonely,
Have a little faith whenever you’re blue.
Have a little faith and trust in him only,
And your father will take care of you.

Though the world may fall all around us all,
And it seems like nothing is true,
You can always know that he loves you so,
And he’s here to watch over you.


“Let the children be, let them come to me,”
Jesus often said with a smile.
For they bring him joy, every girl and boy,
How he loves the faith of a child.


 If you ever doubt what your life’s about,
And you’re scared you won’t make it through,
Let your heart be strong, you are not alone,
For your father is always with you. 


Copyright ©
2007 Stoneshadows/BMI     w/m Dennis and Georgia Clifton   CCLI # 5093399





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