A collection of songs by

Dennis & Georgia Clifton

Worship Team Leaders

Adonai - A beautiful and worshipful song for contemporary services.  Can be used with full band featuring acoustic & electric guitars w/synth keyboard.  This has been used effectively in our church as a congregational number.  Easy to learn and sing along with.

Have a Little Faith – A memorable and simple song about the Father’s love.  Could be sung by a solo artist or as a special number with a children’s choir. This could also be a perfect song to perform to perform on Father’s Day

Our Deliverer – Perfect as a Communion song and can be performed by solo or group singers.  Can also be sung as a congregational number.  This song works well as either a contemporary or traditional performance. 

Faithful One – A solo or duet (tight harmonies) for special numbers.  Classical guitars and keyboard could be used for a unique acoustic sound.
For All You've Given To Me – A country ballad that could be performed solo or with up to 4 voices (giving it a "Sons of the Pioneers" feel).  Lots of room for different country instrumentations if desired. Could also be sung as a congregational hymn in a traditional service.     

Yahweh – A very moving, personal song of devotion, perfect as a special number performed by a solo artist.    

Before the Throne of God – A congregational hymn that could be performed by a group of singers or a full choir.  Perfect for a processional or opening song to a worship service! Even though we used a classical pipe organ in our recording, we’ve done this song in church with a contemporary band (guitars, keyboard, drums) and it is a great song for the congregation to sing along with.   


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